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Looking for experienced, knowledgeable honest repair or maintenance on your fitness equipment?
Integrity Fitness is a family owned & operated business, based in St. Louis, and we guarantee to meet all of your service needs.
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Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance keeps your equipment clean and running smoothly. Proven to save you money on long-term breakdowns. Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

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Fast, friendly diagnosis or service in your home or gym.

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Move jobs

Whether you need your equipment moved up a flight of stairs, or miles away, we will keep your investment safe as we relocate it.

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If you are a fitness manufacturer looking for reliable delivery service, we would love to be your delivery team. Watch here!

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#1 in service for the St. Louis area

Mission statement: Our standard is Integrity. We are committed to the highest quality service, keeping your fitness equipment running smoothly.

Integrity Fitness Services is family owned and operated providing world class service to residences, hotels, gyms, apartments, biomedical departments, and more. Our owner, and head technician, Tom Clevenger has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry ensuring that our team has the expertise to meet all of your fitness needs.
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Our Team

Tom Clevenger

Owner & Technician
Tom Clevenger has been in the fitness industry for over 21 years and was director at True Fitness for 8 years. In 2008, he resigned to begin Integrity Fitness Services to ensure quality service to the St. Louis area.

Chris Clevenger

Chris joined the company as the Co-owner in July 2015. She works mainly in marketing, hiring, and promoting.

Meredith Clevenger

Office Manager
Meredith Clevenger swiftly jumped from an office assistant, starting in April 2018, to office manager in just 5 months! She exhibits great customer service with her peppy characteristics and always desiring to meet the customer’s needs.

Ali Bond

Office Assistant
Ali joined the company in 2017 as a part-time office worker during busy seasons, but has moved into a full-time position with the increase of customer demands as Integrity grows.

Trevor Clevenger

Lead Technician
Trevor was trained by Tom and has been working as a Technician since June 2015. He is now a lead technician and has fitness equipment servicing certification for many of the top brands!

Jason Fletcher

Jason has been with us since January 2017. Although he works as part of a delivery team and does service work, he is primarily a maintenance technician. He is dependable and has been a great addition to our company.

Steven Clevenger

Steven had started helping out with the family business as a teenager and has now matured enough within in the trade to be called a technician.

Jeremy Falloon

Web developer
Jeremy reconstructed Integrity’s website in the summer of 2016 and currently maintains it. He is also a full-time software engineer at The Boeing Company.


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