July 10, 2016



What is your radius of service?

        Our technicians will drive to repair, move, or deliver equipment in a 50-mile radius from our office, located in Saint Charles. However, if you are outside of the radius, we will still offer our services at an extra charge of $1/mile both ways.

Which manufacturers do you service?
  • Accell (Bremshey)
  • AFG (Johnson)
  • BH
  • Bodycraft
  • Bodyguard
  • BodySolid
  • Concept 2
  • Cybex
  • Fitness Showcase
  • Free Motion (Icon)
  • Hoist
  • Horizon (Johnson)
  • Icon
  • Inflight
  • Inspire
  • Landice
  • Life Fitness
  • LifeSpan
  • LifeCore
  • Magnum (Johnson)
  • Matrix (Johnson)
  • MedFit (Core)
  • Nautilus (Core)
  • Nordictrack
  • Icon
  • Proform
  • NuStep
  • Octane
  • PaceMaster
  • Parabody
  • Paramount
  • Precor
  • Promaxima
  • Schwinn
  • SciFit
  • Spirit
  • SportsArt
  • StairMaster (Core)
  • Star Trac (Core)
  • True
  • Tuff Stuff
  • Vectra
  • Vision (Johnson)
  • Waters

and many others!

Preventative Maintenance

What is included in a Preventative Maintenance service call?
  1. General Preventive Maintenance: Safety inspection which includes, but is not limited to, a thorough examination of weldments, seat supports, chains, pulleys, cables and a check for missing or worn hardware. Upholstery items will be inspected for wear and tear, rips, cuts, and sharp edges. Mounting bolts will be checked for tightness.
  2. Lubrication: Applying lube to any necessary parts: chains, sprockets, rollers, guide rods, seat adjustments, threaded rods, pivot points and the like, where appropriate.
  3. Cleaning: Cleaning the inside of equipment that affects correct functionality, such as vacuuming motor compartments of treadmills or any units that have optical sensors. The usual housekeeping of the exterior is the responsibility of the owner.
  4. Electrical Components and Electronics: Inspection of all line cords, power supplies, batteries and similar devices for safety and functionality. Examination of all electrical connections and wire insulation, testing of electronics and recalibrate where necessary.
  5. Performance Test: Finally, after the preventive maintenance has been completed on a unit, it will be tested to ensure correct functionality and acceptable overall performance of that unit.
Why do I need Preventative Maintenance?

        Most problems with fitness equipment are not apparent to an untrained eye, but many of them can be avoided if you have a professional routinely checking your equipment. Preventive maintenance minimizes the cost of upkeep by providing the option to repair items while the issues are minor. Worn or defective parts that are not replaced in time often results in damage to adjacent parts, motors or expensive electronics.


Rates for Delivery/Install


There are many factors in determining the cost of delivery and installation of fitness equipment, including, but not limited to, type of equipment, model, number of pieces, and brand.

Please contact us by using the contact form on our home page and we will gladly find an answer for your specific situation and set up a delivery/install appointment!

Rates for Moving Equipment

Move Jobs (within 50-mile radius of business)*

A move job between homes or within a home consists of a $75 trip charge + $80 per man per hour, with a 1 hour minimum. Labor begins upon arrival to the first location and ends upon completion at the second location.

Please contact us by using the contact form on our home page and we will gladly set up a move job appointment!

*After 50-mile radius there is a $1 charge per mile, both ways

Rates for Service

Service Call (within 50-mile radius of business)*

A service call consists of a $75 trip charge + $60 for labor per hour. Labor is billed in 15 minute increments, with a 1 hour minimum.

Technicians do not carry parts with them, and parts are quoted to and approved by the customer before ordering.

Please contact us by using the contact form on our home page and we will gladly set up a service call appointment!

*After 50-mile radius there is a $1 charge per mile, both ways